Air pollution?
Droplet spray?
UV radiation?
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Air Pollution & UV Radiation
Personal Monitoring System
How does it work?
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How does it work?

  1. Airborne particle scanning, droplet spray and UV radiation detection
    A unique sensor that scans the air 24/7, detects droplet spray and measures the UV radiation in your environment
  2. Droplet spray detection: tiny saliva particles
    The tiny particles of saliva emitted by speech, coughing and sneezing
  3. AI based analysis
    Analyze the data collected from the various devices regarding droplet spray, air pollution according to the AQI index, and UV radiation. Collection and analysis of events from the past and present through an artificial-intelligence based learning system
  4. Warning
    Warning On droplet spray, poor air quality and reporting on clean air
  • Identifies droplet spray
  • Real time alerts
  • Learning system
  • Friendly app
  • Well designed sensor


How does Canario really work
Canario scans the air around you and measures the particles, the data is transmitted to a smart system which analyses the data and sends warnings on low air quality
Who guards my privacy?
We care about your privacy so we use a state of the art protection systems to protect your personal information
Does Canario require installation?
The system requires a one time simple installation and allows updating of personal information
Where was Canario developed
Developed in Israel, US patent pending.
What is AQI?
Air Quality Index is a numerical value which defines the level of pollution in the air used by developed countries
What is UV Index
UV Index is an international standard measurement of the strength of sunburn-producing ultraviolet radiation at a particular place and time
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    Canario LTD develops products for monitoring air quality including real time monitoring of air quality
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